Mihai Hlodec

A thing called air

Priorities can change in a second.

Wake up at 5 AM. Drink water and eat a banana. Get your workout clothes on. Try to not wake up wife or neighbours. Get to the gym and train for 1 hour.

Rush back home. Shower, shake and shit. Talk briefly with the wife. Indie hack or learn something for 2 hours.

Start the 9-5 grind. Eight or ten hours later, step outside for a walk. Everyday, question why all days look the same. Everyday, find a better lie.

Watch TV or read a book. Sleep.


None of these matter. None, when you can't breathe.

No intense workouts, no personal bests, no miles you ran. No diet plans, supplements or huberman protocols. No relationships, no friends and even no family. No money, promotions, titles or business success. No life goals or dreams.

Nothing matters when you can't breathe.

All you want is to breathe freely again. You promise yourself you'll do things differently. You'll prioritise what really matters. Will you follow through?

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March 27th 2024, Cluj-Napoca 🇷🇴